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Prof. Dr.Banu ÇAYCI

Harmonizing Beauty and Holistic Wellness


Banu ÇAYCI, a distinguished practitioner specializing in mesotherapy, ozone therapy, acupuncture, and cupping therapy, exemplifies expertise in diverse therapeutic domains. At the forefront of natural and effective healthcare methodologies, Banu ÇAYCI and her team are dedicated to guiding individuals on the path to improved health and enhanced quality of life. Tailored treatment plans and expert consultations are the cornerstones of achieving optimal results. Focus on your health and beauty, and let Prof. Dr. Banu Çaycı and her team illuminate your path.

The Challenge

Banu ÇAYCI faced the challenge of navigating various therapeutic realms, each requiring meticulous attention and personalized approaches. The need for an integrated solution to manage diverse treatment modalities, patient records, and holistic wellness initiatives became apparent.

The OryxRM Solution

Embracing OryxRM, Banu ÇAYCI found a comprehensive solution tailored to the nuanced needs of her diverse therapeutic practice.

Mesmerizing Mesotherapy

OryxRM's adept appointment scheduling feature allowed Banu ÇAYCI to optimize her calendar effectively. Patients experienced a streamlined booking process, ensuring each consultation and therapy session was efficiently organized.

Holistic Patient Records

In the realm of holistic wellness, maintaining precise patient records is imperative. OryxRM's digital record-keeping capabilities provided Banu ÇAYCI with a secure and organized platform, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance.

Digital Consent via iPad

Recognizing the importance of consent in therapeutic practices, Banu ÇAYCI utilized OryxRM's digital consent forms with digital signatures, seamlessly integrated with iPads. This ensured a secure and legally compliant process for obtaining patient consent, elevating the overall patient experience.

Cloud Phone Integration and Call Center Activities

OryxRM's cloud phone integration facilitated efficient call center activities at Banu ÇAYCI's practice. The platform allowed seamless communication with patients, streamlining appointment scheduling, inquiries, and follow-ups. Call center activities were efficiently managed within OryxRM.

Stock Control for Wellness Products

OryxRM's stock control functionality enabled Banu ÇAYCI to efficiently manage the inventory of wellness products used and sold at the clinic. This feature ensured that the clinic could keep track of product availability, restock when needed, and maintain optimal levels of inventory.

Media Management for Therapeutic Journeys

A paramount feature of OryxRM for Banu ÇAYCI is the robust media management functionality. The platform excels in organizing and showcasing transformative therapeutic journeys, providing a comprehensive visual record of holistic wellness.

Recording Phone Calls for Quality Assurance

OryxRM's recording capabilities ensured that phone calls, especially those related to appointment scheduling, inquiries, and consultations, were securely recorded. This feature played a crucial role in quality assurance, training, and maintaining high standards of patient communication.

Reporting Tools for Holistic Analyses

OryxRM provides advanced reporting tools for Banu ÇAYCI to conduct various holistic analyses, including:

  • Therapy Success Analysis: Detailed insights into the success rates of different therapeutic modalities, aiding continuous improvement.

  • Product Sales Analysis: Comprehensive data on sales performance of wellness products, facilitating strategic decisions for offerings.

  • Patient Wellness Journey Analysis: Tracking and analyzing patients' holistic wellness journeys, ensuring personalized care plans.

  • Financial Analysis: Managing and analyzing financial aspects, ensuring transparency and compliance with financial regulations.

  • Social Media ROI Analysis: Measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns in engaging the audience and promoting holistic wellness.

Custom Development for Therapeutic Excellence

Recognizing the unique requirements of holistic practices, OryxRM offered custom development options. Banu ÇAYCI seamlessly integrated features aligned with her specialized therapeutic workflows and procedures.

Results and Benefits

Enhanced Holistic Experience

With OryxRM in place, Banu ÇAYCI's practice witnessed an enhancement in the overall holistic experience. Automated appointment reminders, a streamlined check-in process, and personalized therapeutic plans contributed to higher patient satisfaction scores.

Precision in Holistic Practice

The integration of OryxRM significantly reduced administrative burdens, allowing Banu ÇAYCI and her team to focus more on delivering exceptional holistic care and precise therapeutic procedures.

Growth and Reputation in Wellness

Banu ÇAYCI's practice experienced growth in client referrals and repeat business. The enhanced holistic experience facilitated by OryxRM contributed to a positive reputation in the competitive field of holistic wellness.

Before and After in Holistic Wellness

Before implementing OryxRM, Banu ÇAYCI navigated through manual processes and paper records. After integration, the practice transformed into a digitally-driven hub of holistic wellness, reducing clutter, improving workflow, and providing a more efficient environment for both staff and patients.


Banu ÇAYCI's success story extends beyond the adoption of OryxRM. It reflects a commitment to holistic wellness, patient-centric care, and a strategic integration of technology to enhance the artistry of therapeutic transformations. OryxRM plays a pivotal role in supporting the clinic's mission, yet it is the harmonious interplay of skill and innovation that truly defines Banu ÇAYCI's journey toward holistic well-being.

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