Holistic approach to clinical management

Streamline and control your business processes within your clinic

Additional Features

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Digital Transformation Consultancy

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Data transfer beyond 2GB/month

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Call center activities

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Email marketing

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SMS integration

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IYS integration

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Personal Data Prtoection Authority

Some References

Başar Kaya Clinic's synergy with OryxRM exemplifies the marriage of expertise and technology in the pursuit of aesthetic excellence. The alignment of Başar Kaya's precision with OryxRM's tailored functionalities, including call center activities, recording phone calls, media management, stock control, advanced reporting tools, and digital consent via iPad, propels Başar Kaya Clinic to new heights in the field of aesthetic transformations. details

Banu ÇAYCI's success story extends beyond the adoption of OryxRM. It reflects a commitment to holistic wellness, patient-centric care, and a strategic integration of technology to enhance the artistry of therapeutic transformations. OryxRM plays a pivotal role in supporting the clinic's mission, yet it is the harmonious interplay of skill and innovation that truly defines Banu ÇAYCI's journey toward holistic well-being. details

Hacettepe University's Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic's synergy with OryxRM underscores the transformative power of technology in modern healthcare. The platform's seamless integration of patient care, data management, and research capabilities positions the clinic at the forefront of women's healthcare, making strides towards a healthier future.details